Business Opportunities

Whether you currently run your own tree surgery business and would like to increase your profits or are looking for a new exciting business opportunity, the Jenks Group offers fantastic opportunities for both.

Exciting Business Opportunities

The Jenks group is looking for self aware, dynamic and motivated individuals with some experience of the tree surgery industry who would like to run their own business in the UK and take control of their financial future. Some qualifications are a prerequisite to work in the operational side of the business but are not necessary for running the business.

However, the leadership program I'm involved in developing is a prerequisite for any potential leader in our organisation. Commitment to and engagement with the self-realisation process is the only acceptable way into our organisation at any level. The level of commitment from leaders is expected to be very high as any blockages to communication channels are rigorously challenged to increase awareness around our own incompetencies to facilitate change through emotional intelligence and awareness.

The above gives an insight into the ethos around how we grow our emotional intelligence to build unity and community in our businesses. This develops productivity as an outcome, not as the primary driver. 

If this approach interests you, email If it doesn't, then thanks for your time.

Paul Jenks