Stump Removal

Jenks can provide expert advice on the most suitable technique for the type, size, species and position of the stump that needs to be removed. We can also advise you on proposed future use of the cleared site.

How is it Done?

After felling, we cut the stumps off neatly as close to ground level as possible. With stumps that are likely to regenerate after felling we use a suitable herbicide to inhibit re-growth.

We carry the work out either by grubbing out by hand, with suitable machinery or by using one of our stump grinding machines. We then scan the area around the stump to be ground or dug out by using a cat scan to ascertain whether there are any underground electrical services that may be compromised during the stump removal process. We provide service layout plans where possible to ensure that no damage is caused. We then transport the stumps removed from the soil to a disposal site.