Tree Removal

Jenks provide professional, highly qualified tree surgeons to deal with all your tree felling and removal requirements. All our arborists are highly skilled and great care is always taken to ensure that all work is carried out with care and consideration for the surroundings.

The Procedure 

Certification is a prerequisite for commercial operators. The procedure for dismantling both felled and standing trees requires high levels of training in order to carry the services out safely. Most trees are typically dismantled in sections, using rigging if necessary to lower the branches to the ground. Sometimes in the right circumstances trees may be felled directly. We are always happy to be led by the client in order to minimize disturbance to ground surfaces. The delicacy of the area around the tree to be worked on will have a direct bearing on the cost of the job and therefore the amount of time allocated to carrying it out.

How it Works 

  • Our arborists start by planning the segmentation of the canopy. The dismantling of the canopy of most trees will begin at the lowest part and above the assigned drop-zone. A quadrant of the canopy will then be removed back to the main stem.
  • The climber will then ascend the tree removing all the limbs from within the quadrant.
  • Once the quadrant is opened up the climber moves up and down the edges of the quadrant removing limbs as he goes.
  • Great care is always taken to ensure that the debris falls in a controlled fashion to minimize damage to the ground.