Tree Pruning

At Jenks, we can offer you a comprehensive tree pruning service including expert advice and support. We are happy to provide a free site consultation and quotation before work commences.

When do Trees Need Pruning?

Pruning services are needed throughout a tree’s life – for example, pruning trees when they are young (formative pruning) can reduce the need for major pruning in middle age and in maturity. Also, middle-aged and mature trees may need extensive pruning when changing land use. It is also worth considering the removal of trees that need frequent major pruning, replacing them with a more appropriate species.

Pruning Services

  • Reductions This is the correct way to make a tree smaller as opposed to "topping". A tree that is topped can result in an unhealthy, unsightly and dangerous tree. Reducing a tree will leave you with a well balanced, healthy tree that will look good with enhanced longevity. If a "tree surgeon" offers to top your trees then we would recommend not using them!
  • Crown Lift This raises the canopy of a tree by removing the lowest branches. This can help to increase the light under the tree and take away intrusive branches over buildings and away from roads or street lights.
  • Crown Clean This is the removal of major deadwood from within the canopy. This could also include the removal of ivy and any epicormic growth, (small straight shoots on the trunk or main stems).

Crown Thin Tree canopies can become incredibly dense with foliage and branches. A crown thin will help to increase light through and into the canopy by removing small branches, thus providing a more even leaf cover and allowing the stronger stems to mature.