Tree Preservation Order

This page is designed to help you learn more about Preservation Orders

What Are Tree Preservation Orders?

In Oxfordshire and particularly within Oxford we have a high number of trees with tree preservation orders, or TPO, on them as well as many different and exotic tree species.

Any tree surgeon or tree surgery company operating around Oxford will need to be fully aware of the planning restrictions applied to trees with either a TPO or trees in a conservation area.

To work on a tree with a Tree Preservation Order, or TPO, there has to be a valid arboricultural reason for carrying out the works. This has to be submitted to the local authority (in this case Oxford or Oxfordshire) planning department or forestry officer or tree officer on a form produced for this purpose.

The information required includes the location of the protected tree or trees, usually shown on a simple plan drawing, the proposed works as recommended by an arboriculturalist or arboricultural contractor and the reasons for wanting to carry out the tree works. The planning department then has 8 weeks to come to a decision whether to allow the works to go ahead.

If you have a tree in a conservation area there is less need for a sound arboricultural reason for works to the tree and the planning department has 6 weeks to propose an alternative to the works you desire so the onus is on them to deliver a sound reason for not carrying out the works.

Whether your trees are covered by a TPO or are within a conservation area you do need to go through the procedures outlined by your local planning authority to avoid the penalties associated with pruning or felling protected trees.

Felling a tree covered by a TPO without consent can attract a fine of £20,000 plus the cost for replacement, which for a large tree can dwarf the fine.

Getting sound advice is very important. For details of the tree officers within Oxford and Oxfordshire type your local authority into your search engine and go to the planning section. All of the LA websites in Oxfordshire have clear signposts and downloadable Tree Preservation Order and Conservation Area application forms.

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