Arboricultural Services

Professional Arboricultural Services and Contracting

Professional Arboricultural Services and Contracting

If you own or manage an estate or land that includes copses and trees, you will require annual maintenance to ensure the safety of your employees and the public. If you deal with this yourself, this task will require a significant and ongoing investment in specialist equipment and safety training for your staff.

You will find it easier and more cost efficient to contract all your arboricultural requirements to our certified arborists, giving you full access to qualified advice and practical support on all aspects of tree care, safety, and health. You can consult us on any aspect of Arboricultural contracting but these are some of our most popular services:

Tree surveys, reports and evaluations:
Know and document the condition and value of your tree stock

Tree sourcing, landscaping and planting:
Inspections and advice on how to best manage your woodland or forestry

Forestry consultancy and management:
Managing your woodland across the seasons, including regular inspections for disease or instability

Pruning, hedge trimmingstump grinding and removal:
Taking care of trees and hedges to ensure they look good, remain healthy and nurture wildlife

Tree and hedge removal:
All materials can be safely removed and will be recycled as appropriate

Jenks Arboriculture Service offers you:

Fully qualified arborists who understand every aspect of tree care from planting to felling:
So you don't place your own people at unnecessary risk when dealing with tree surgery

Jenks Oxford are accredited by The Arboricultural Association for your peace of mind:
Knowledgeable professionals in all aspects of tree surgery, health and care

Up to date, safety tested specialist equipment and vehicles, designed for the job:
It makes business, health and safety sense to use specialist tools for tree work

Quality workmanship and a tidy finish when working on site:
You can expect us to finish the job off professionally by clearing, stacking or removing wood, chippings and tree stumps as required. All our staff complete both in-house and external training in Health and Safety

Fast tree surgery emergency call out service:
If trees or branches become unsafe due to wind, lightning or age damage we can carry out an on site assessment and ensure any immediate hazards are safely removed

For a free initial tree consultation contact us now or call 0800 458 3328 to arrange a site visit at your convenience.

We principally cover Oxford, Bucks, Berks and South East England but can provide tree evaluations and reports further afield if required.

Our services are used by local authorities, housing associations, the National Health Service, Ministry of Defence and Educational Establishments such as Henley College.

Garden and estate maintenance companies regularly sub-contract our services as a trusted expert in the field of arboriculture and we provide year round services to many private estates.