Ash Dieback

Ash dieback disease continues to be featured in the news. The spread of the disease is not yet known but as the season advances we will be better able to locate affected trees.

If you or your neighbours have trees that you are concerned about, we’ll gladly come and make an assessment for you free of charge.

Trading Standards Warning

Ash dieback has drawn cowboy tree surgeons out of the woodwork to try and scare homeowners into having their trees felled, Trading Standards' officers have warned.

Recent cases of the disease in the South East prompted rogue traders to knock on doors and offer to chop down trees they claim have the disease. The cold callers say the trees need to be felled, but private owners have no obligation to take action, unless the tree presents a hazard to others. Trading Standards can become involved if a resident reports being approached in this way.

Defra advice

Arboricultural Association technical officer Simon Richmond said: "Defra and the Forestry Commission advise not to fell mature trees; the illness does not make them dangerous and the best way of researching the disease is to have as many trees as possible standing."

Finding qualified and reputable Tree Surgeons

The Arboricultural Association, a national body for amenity tree care, operates an accredited contractor’s scheme for tree surgery businesses (‘ARB Approved Contractor’) where professionals can be found who will offer good advice and good service thereby avoiding the ‘rogues’.

Jenks Oxford - Trading Standards and Arboricultural Association Approved

We are Approved by Oxfordshire Trading Standards and we are an Arboricultural Association Approved Contractor.

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